Happy Birthday special friend

50+ best Happy Birthday wishes for special friends

These words are for you who are too special, for you who understand my long silences without asking me anything. Thank you for always being by my side and for your ability to hear even what I cannot pronounce. Best wishes!

I still wonder how you can always be next to me. Apparently even licensed hustlers deserve a friend but I found the best on the square! Happy Birthday.

How can we forget everything we’ve done? Our laughter and our tears make our friendship bigger every day. You’re the sister I’ve always missed. Congratulations!

With you I really feel like myself and this is the greatest gift that our fantastic friendship has given me. Best wishes with all my heart.

I will never forget the moments spent together, those nights laughing, those sad times when you warmed my heart, like none. You are great! Happy birthday!!!

I already know … my sentimental stories are bad but luckily you are there, always ready to console me: you are officially my guardian angel! Best wishes!

You deserve a life preserver because you risk drowning in the good, I want you!!! Happy birthday!!!

With you I understood the true feeling of friendship and how important it is to remind you that thanks to your presence I can consider myself lucky … Okay, I admit … SO lucky!! Best wishes!

Who knows … maybe true friendship is like a huge rainbow because since you entered my life, I see everything in color, Happy birthday.

Knowing that I can always count on an exceptional person like you is priceless and I hope to never lose you. Congratulations.

Our friendship is immense, greater than everything, stronger than the wind, more impetuous than the stormy sea, hotter than the August sun. Our friendship is simply TRUE. My warmest wishes.

Your company is the best medicine for my heart. You are my best friend forever, never forget that. Happy birthday.

From today I will call you “magic handkerchief” because you are the only one who, after having dried my tears, manages to make me smile again. Happy birthday!

With you, steeper climbs become descents. Our solid friendship makes me overcome every obstacle. How nice to have met you! Best wishes!

Warning … She has been selected as FRIEND OF THE YEAR; a huge kiss is coming … SMACK! Best wishes.

Do you know what I understand that you are a special friend? Because even if we don’t see each other for a long time, I just need to look into your eyes to find that magical understanding that surrounds me and makes me understand that nothing has ever changed between us. Happy birthday.

We recognized each other in an instant and since then a long list of mess has started!! You’re my best friend. Happy Birthday.

You never turned your back on me. You have illuminated my dark days with warm and loving light. You are the friend everyone would like. Congratulations!

If someone asked me what true friendship is, I wouldn’t know where to start the conversation but I’d say your name right away. Happy Birthday.

And I who no longer believed in true friendship! Simple … I hadn’t met you yet! Best wishes!

You are rare and precious. Our relationship is a sweet music that never ceases to make a soundtrack to our days. Happy Birthday.

I will always wait for you, more confident than ever and thanks to the strength of our indissoluble friendship. Best wishes!

Distance cannot affect our relationship. Nothing and no one can impoverish our sincere and deep friendship. Happy birthday.

Your friendship is good for my health. With you I feel in good shape! Happy Birthday.

I was on the ground and while no one noticed you tried to get up. I’ll never forget it. I love you so much my friend. Greetings from the heart.

Our bond is the sum of many small things … our bond is practically an immense thing. Happy birthday.

When everyone hears what I say, you listen. The difference seems minimal but in fact it is priceless, like your friendship. Best wishes with all my heart.

Latest Happy Birthday wishes for Special friends

A special wish, to a special person, on a special day. Happy birthday friend!

Keep it up so you’re doing great. Best wishes for your birthday!

Things change, but you never change. Best wishes!

I have lost count of how many birthdays we have already spent together, but I hope there will still be many more to celebrate. Happy birthday dear!

I hope that when all the candles go out your dreams can come true. Many good wishes for a fantastic birthday!

Year after year we are still here. Happy birthday to you friend!

I can only continue to thank fate for introducing me to a wonderful person like you are. Happy birthday to my best friend!

The best gift you can receive today is all the affection of the people you care about. Happy Birthday!

Loves come and go, but true friendship remains. T anti wishes my dear friend!

One year older. Happy Birthday friend!

Years go by but you always remain the most beautiful. Best wishes from a friend!

Life is made up of stairs. There are those who go down, there are those who go up. And you’ve always made your life uphill. Best wishes on this very special day for you!

The best is yet to come. Happy birthday friend of a lifetime!

Make the most of this important day for you. Best wishes!

The smile is your winning weapon and today you cannot help but smile even more. Best wishes, best wishes and best wishes again!

The older you get, the better you become. Greetings my friend!

I wish you the best of days like this. Happy Birthday dear friend!

Don’t count the years that go by, but the good times that remain. Happy Birthday!

Your every birthday that comes is always more beautiful than the past year. Happy birthday party!

Life is a gift and you understand it even more when you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday my friend!

I can only wish you that life always smiles at you because you deserve it. Happy birthday and best wishes!

You meet many people in your life, but with only a few you share the best moments. Birthday is one of them. Happy birthday friend of all time!

Best wishes to a person who is fundamental and indispensable for me in this life!

Congratulations, you have also reached this milestone. Happy birthday old lady!

Make your dreams come true. Happy birthday party!

With each passing year you become wiser. Wish me a happy birthday friend!

In memory of all the good times we spent together, I wish you my sincerest wishes for a special birthday!

Today there is one more reason to toast. Happy birthday my friend!

I hope today is an unforgettable day for you. Happy birthday special friend!

Compared to yesterday you only have one more day. Happy Birthday!

I wish you to get what you most want in the world. Best wishes my friend!

Today is not a day like any other, but it is your birthday. Happy birthday on a day that is yours alone!

Happy birthday and may you feel a little more unique today!

One more reason to have fun. Happy Birthday friend!

I don’t know what I would do without a precious friend like you. I wish you a happy birthday!

You only live once, but if you do it right that’s enough. A special wish for a special friend!

Best wishes to you as you age but remain the beautiful person you are. Happy birthday my dearest friend!

This is a day to remember because it is the day a wonderful person was born. Best wishes to the best of friends!

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