Happy Birthday to Mom

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom (updated) 2022

Wish your mom with our best collection of best wishes for mom.

Happy birthday to the most amazing mom in the world!

Dear mom, I wish you an unforgettable birthday full of joy, gifts and above all love!

Happy birthday mom! I wish you a life full of joy, health, affection and everything you desire.

Happy birthday mom, to you who make the world a better place with a simple smile. I love you!

Your affection and your smile fill my heart with a thousand sparks of happiness. Happy birthday mum!

Dear mom, today is your day and we are here to make it as special and unforgettable as you are. Happy birthday!

In every day of my life, you have won the Best Mom in the World award! I wish you a birthday as beautiful as you are.

Even when you are far away, I just need to think of you to feel all your love. Often when I find myself doing something well, I remember that you are the one who taught me. I owe everything I am to you. Happy Birthday Mom!

Thank you for always believing in me, even when you were the only one who did! You always trusted me, you gave me your love and made me a better person. You are the best, mom! Happy birthday!

Even though I’m grown up now, I still need you and I always will! There is nothing like your warm hug to make me feel that everything will be okay. Happy Birthday Mom!

Nobody ever tells you enough how wonderful you are. Well, mom, know that I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have you as a mother! Congratulations!

I am a complete and fulfilled person because you are my mom. I am happy because you are my mom. I get love every day because you are my mom. And for all these reasons I thank you and wish you the happiest of birthdays.

When I say that there is no other mom like you, I don’t just mean that you are a kind and loving mother. I mean you are a kind, loving, intelligent, sweet, generous, down-to-earth and rare mother! Happy Birthday Mom!

Dear Mom, happy birthday happy birthday to you who have dedicated their time, energy and tenderness to give me all the love and sweetness that I need. It is a great honor for me to have you as a mother.

No star shines like you. No angel has wings as beautiful as yours. No diamond is as rare as you. There is no other mom like you! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the best friend I will ever have, to the best woman I will ever know and that I am privileged to have as a mother.

Dear mom, thank you for everything. You gave me life and filled it with love, trust, hope and joy. I wish you a happy birthday today and, in all years, to come.

Behind every great man or woman is a mother who supported them when they needed it. Happy Birthday Mom!

Words will never be enough to express the gratitude you deserve for everything you have done for me. I can only tell you that I love you! Best wishes!

In spite of my selfishness and my stupidity you have always given me your love, without conditions. Since you are not crazy then you have to be the best mom in the world! Happy birthday!

For me you are much more than a mother: you are a teacher, a guide , my strength and my best friend! Thanks for everything you do for me. Best wishes!

Happy birthday to the best friend I’ve ever had. Yes, mom, just you! I love you !

I wish you the happiest birthday of all, to you who are the happiest of mothers. I wish you immense happiness on your special day !

When I think of beauty, I think of you, mom. You have defined and redefined the idea of ​​beauty for me and you deserve the best birthday in the world.

Best Birthday wishes for Mom

Today is a special day because you were born, mom, the reason for my life: happy birthday to the person I love most!

Best wishes to my special mom! The only person who truly understands me!

A special wish to a person who is always close to me: I love you, mom!

You’re like the Panda, if you weren’t there, you ‘d have to invent yourself! Happy birthday mum!

Your sweetness warms my heart since I came into the world: I love you mom, best wishes from the heart!

Mom, my song flies! I hope you get the notes of the most affectionate love serenade there is: happy birthday mom!

It would take your myth Vasco Rossi to remind you how much I love you … don’t you understand? Happy birthday dear mom, you are always beautiful!

Today is an important day, yes, you are the very reason for my existence dear mom! For this I will be good and I send you my best wishes from the bottom of my heart!

Since I left home, I miss so many things, family warmth, my comfortable bed, my bedroom, your legendary meatballs with sauce! Greetings dear mom, I will love you for a lifetime!

I can also travel the world looking for my Chimera, but I will always come back to you when I am sad and it is evening! Happy birthday mum!

Mum is always mum; I will have no other woman but you! Happy birthday!

Even if we often fight and we are cat and dog over everything, we will always give each other a paw in the most difficult situations: happy birthday mom!

Today is your birthday, tonight I’ll take you to dance like Luca Barbarossa: ballroom or disco music? Happy birthday to the most ballerina mother there is!

Dear mum, last year you tore me up in burraco … this year I want revenge! See you tonight at home, happy birthday!

Some moms rock, some love smooth, but mine is the Queen of the Night! Happy birthday dear mom!

To a woman who taught me the true values ​​of life, with so much sweetness and patience: I love you dear mother, best wishes from the heart!

If I grew up healthy and strong it is thanks to you, mom! Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman there is!

It is your son who speaks to you, the beautiful and damned, the complicated: happy birthday dear mom, when I’m with you I felt like chocolate ice cream!

Mom, are you making me sufficing? And tonight, we also watch cartoons together! Happy birthday wishes from your grown-up little girl!

You are like Barilla, when you are there, there is a home. Happy birthday dear mom!

I am miles away, but I can already smell the scent of your Sunday in the air: happy birthday wishes to the best cook there is.

The voice of the heart takes me back to your lullaby: happy birthday mom, I miss you so much!

Beautiful quotes of happy birthday mom

 Dear mom, today is a special day as you add another year to your constant experience, which has always helped me in difficult times. Happy Birthday!

Your precise guidance has always allowed me to make the right decisions in my life and for that I will always be grateful to you. Happy birthday mom!

If everyone could have a mom like you it would be a better world. Never change mom: happy birthday!

Mom, for me you are always the most beautiful woman of all even with a few white hairs and a few more wrinkles. Happy Birthday!

To the only woman who has always made me happy, I wish you a happy birthday with all my heart, wishing that life can give you many other joys. Happy birthday mom!

Mom you are the only person who never betrays you and therefore a precious pearl that has given me many joys in my life. I wish you a happy birthday mom and thank you for everything you do for me!

Mom I am so happy, because today I can celebrate you as a real star. Happy birthday my dear mom!

With each passing year I understand how important you are to me, dear mom. I wish you to do other hundreds of these days with me. Happy Birthday!

For me, every day you should be celebrated, mom, but today more than any other, since it’s your birthday. Happy birthday mom!

Mom, even if sometimes we fight and I tell you that it takes me to exasperation, know that I love you for the soul, today more than ever since it’s your birthday, best wishes!

As you say, mom, every year must be seen as one more year of experience or one less of life, but of the two I prefer the first version. Greeting’s mom, I love you so much!

If you weren’t there, Mom, I probably wouldn’t be there either and they should definitely make you up, since no one can imitate you. Happy birthday mom!

Today we are giving you a day off, dear mom, as it is your birthday. You can catch up tomorrow, as Dad and I would cook for you. Happy birthday mom!

May this birthday be as splendid as you are, dear mom. Best wishes and see you have fun and relax on this day entirely dedicated to you!

Your birthday is like an event of utmost importance to me and for this reason I want to celebrate it with joy and happiness, dear mother. Happy birthday mom!

Like every year I find myself not knowing how to express all my affection to you, mom, but know that I love you so much. Happy Birthday!

To my true and only love of my life, I wish this day could be as happy as few others. Happy birthday mom!

Mom I will take care of you every day of my life, especially today which is your birthday. Happy birthday mum!

Even writing I am of few words but for this you love me. Happy birthday mom!

To my one and only mother, who has always made me happy, I wish a happy birthday with all my heart: may this day be happy and joyful for you like so many others!

Best quotes for Happy Birthday to Mother

You are and will remain, not only my mom, but also my first best friend. Best wishes mom and thanks for everything!

At the point of reference of our family. A special wish to our mother.

To a beautiful woman who becomes more and more beautiful with the passage of time! Greeting’s mom and happy birthday!

Greeting’s mom, your birthday is the right and special occasion to tell you how much I care about you!

Your love, your tenacity and your sweetness made me ready to overcome the challenges of life! Happy birthday mom!

Since today is your birthday, we’ll do the case work! Happy birthday mom!

Best wishes to the one person who has always believed in me. Happy birthday mom.

I will never pay back what you have done for me, but I hope that on this special day you have a happy birthday with your loved ones, your family. Best wishes!

Despite the quarrels, misunderstandings and difficult times, I know that we are the most important to each other. Thanks mom, I want you a world of good. Happy birthday!

On the occasion of your birthday, I would have liked to give you something special, wonderful, unique … but I didn’t fit in the package! Happy birthday mom!

While I don’t always prove it in the best way, I am proud to have a mom like you.

Happy birthday to the person who taught me everything about life: not just talking, walking, eating, but above all love. I can only say thank you! Greetings from the bottom of my heart.

Happy birthday to the woman that everyone should have as a mother.

Each of us should be loved as you have loved us. Our words are superfluous compared to what you have done for us. Thanks mom. Congratulations!

If you’re there, winning a lot of money wouldn’t do any good. With you I am already rich! Happy birthday mom!

To the best cook I know: happy birthday mom!

Dear mom, I ‘m sure you don’t need gifts, diamonds, poems and jewels to make you understand the good I love you … with a simple hug I’ll be able to make you understand how much I love you!

Dear mom, do not be surprised by these very sincere wishes of mine … unless you were also expecting the gift! Happy birthday!

On your birthday, I who am your son could not be happier than that … but perhaps more generous! Best wishes.

Dear mom, you hold a special place in my heart … Right under the PlayStation!

There are tons of super heroes in the world, but super moms like you, only one! My! Happy birthday mom!

We are happy to spend this special day with you showing you all the affection we feel for you. We are grateful to you for always giving us the best of you. Happy birthday mom!

A good mother is worth more than a thousand teachers. George Herbert.

A little girl who was asked where her home was replied: “Where is mom”. Keith L. Brooks.

God couldn’t be everywhere, so He created mothers. Hebrew proverb.

You are the only one in the world who knows about my heart what it has always been, before any other love.

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