50+ Best romantic messages for boyfriend/girlfriend

If you are looking for beautiful message for the love of your life, it is because you are very sure of your feelings and you want to say something beautiful that your partner will remember for a lifetime. In this article you will find free romantic messages to share with the love of your life.

cute romantic love messages for lover

You are my great love, we seal this beautiful feeling in our hearts from the moment we gave each other the first kiss. Happy new year my love “

I needed very little time to fall in love with you, but never forget about your love.” Ours was not love at first sight, but a feeling that will last forever because you will be my sweet half for life.”

Your happiness is important to me, because I suffer if I see that you are not happy and I would give anything so that your face never loses its beautiful smile.”

Our love does not know time, distance. Even if you are far from me, I continue to sigh for you”.

No matter what happens between us, we can overcome crises, fights, jealousy because our love is great and resistant.”

The emotion I felt when meeting you reached my heart directly. I love you forever “.

I always carry you in my heart and if I lost your love, I would be a person who is dead in life.”

First, I touched your heart, then my lips touched yours, this is how I conquered your love.”

Love is not just caresses, nor a simple” I love you “, all your soul and your heart represents that feeling that I carry inside my heart”.Be

Best Romantic love quotes for lover

Your lips don’t have wings, but when you kiss me, I have the feeling that I’m flying.”

It seems that your lips were made to measure for mine, so when I kiss you, I am delighted.”

You are the love of my life, I love you as if you were someone forbidden, I feel as if I wanted the unattainable.”

Everything I do is for love, if I am silent, when I try to protect you, when trying to please you, it is because I consider you the love of my life.”

Our love story contains what we feel since we discovered that we are for each other.”

The sighs remain in the air, the rain evaporates on the ground, but my love for you remains in my heart.”

I will be able to forget with whom I have laughed and cried, but never the person I love.”

Since we are dating, I love you and I will love you all my life, even if there is a day that I don’t tell you. Always love You “.

I love you like a crazy lover who never tires of saying that you are the love of my life.

Being in love with you is the only sensible answer when my life had no meaning.”

Best I love you messages for lover

You are the love of my life, I would never claim anything from you, I can tolerate everything from you, for you I am capable of taking any risk in order not to lose you.”

Your love is my joy, you came as a blessing to my existence. You went from being my good friend to becoming the love of my life.”

They say that desire dies when it is obtained, but when it comes to you it happens to me that I always want more from you.”

The only proof of love for us is to let our relationship flow like running water without anything stopping it.”

With you I feel like in paradise, without needing to go to another dimension. Your love is like my sustenance that sustains me every day”.

You represent love, I feel it every moment, whether you are with me or not. I will never stop loving you”.

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